Maven use local jar without installing

You can install a local jar by using  mvn install:install-file command/goal as I discussed in my earlier blog post. This ensures the re-usability of jar file across your projects but as a drawback, this requires every team member and build server to run the same command/goal to build their project.

To avoid to the manual hassle, you can add the .jar in pom.xml file without running the mvn install:install-file goal. The idea is to refer a .jar from your project base directory using the <systemPath> element.

In example below, I put my jar files to /myjars directory and point to the jar file as
        <systemPath>${project.basedir}/myjars/[Jar file name]</systemPath>

Directory Structure




For web project (war files )

If you are working on a web project, the above configuration won't add the jars to war file by default. You need to do following.

Here we are asking maven-war-plugin to add all jar ( **/*.jar) from  ${project.basedir}/myjars  to WEB-INF/lib folder when creating the war file.


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