java read huge xml file and convert to csv

SAX parser uses event handler org.xml.sax.helpers.DefaultHandler to efficiently parse and handle the intermediate results of an XML file.  

It provides the following three important methods on each event where we can write custom logic to take specific action at each events:
  • startDocument() and endDocument() – Method called at the start and end of an XML document. 
  • startElement() and endElement() – Method called at the start and end of a document element.  
  • characters() – Method called with the text contents in between the start and end tags of an XML document element.
We will be using this class to read a HUGE xml file (6.58GB, it should support any size without any problem) efficiently and convert and write to CSV file.

I am going to use my existing code from my old blog xml-parsing-using-saxparser and updating it for this purpose. The final code is available on github project java-read-big-xml-to-csv

Java HUGE XML to CSV - project structure

How to Import/Run:

Its a simple maven project(with no dependencies). You can import it into your IDE or  use command line to compile and run.
If you plan on using Command Line, to compile and create a runnable jar file, go to the root of the project and run mvnw clean package .
Then you can run the executable as following:
java -jar target\xmltocsv-FINAL.jar  C:\folder\input.xml  C:\folder\output.csv

The code:

SaxParseEventHandler class takes the RecordWriter as constructor parameter
public SaxParseEventHandler(RecordWriter<Book> writer) {

We create new book record on startElement event
public void startElement(String s, String s1, String elementName, Attributes attributes) { /* handle start of a new Book tag and attributes of an element */ if (elementName.equalsIgnoreCase("book")) { //start bookTmp = new Book();

and we write the parsed book data to file on endElement() event.
public void endElement(String s, String s1, String element) { if (element.equals("book")) { //end writer.write(bookTmp, counter);

Its a simple wrapper for FileWriter to write content to file. We are currently writing T.toString() to file.
public void write(T t, int n) throws IOException { fw.write(t.toString()); if (n % 10000 == 0) { fw.flush(); } }

Its the main 'launcher' class
SAXParserFactory factory = SAXParserFactory.newInstance(); try (RecordWriter<Book> w = new RecordWriter<>(outputCSV)) { SAXParser parser = factory.newSAXParser(); parser.parse(inputXml, new SaxParseEventHandler(w)); }

Results at 16GB RAM, Core i5, 6MB L3 cache, SSD | Windows Machine
Max RAM usage: 190MB
Time Taken:
For the file big2.xml with size 118MB
- JDK8 - 8-9 sec
- JDK 11 - 6-7 sec
- JDK 14 - 5 sec 

big3.xml with size 6.58GB takes about 2 minutes

Next Steps: create a binary using GraalVM. I will keep posting !!

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