Read Request parameter String from URL in Spring/HttpServlet

Read entire query string(request parameter) in Spring Boot/HttpServlet

In Spring Boot and other Java web frameworks, we capture the request parameters (aka query parameters) and map them to individual variable or a Map<String,String>. 

But, if you want to read the entire query parameter in its raw form ( eg: to read name=Ganesh&country=Nepal&ageLt=30&page=1 from request: http://localhost:8080/search?name=Ganesh&country=Nepal&ageLt=30&page=1), you can utilize HttpServletRequest.getQueryString()


void endpoint1(HttpServletRequest req) {
var qs = req.getQueryString() //returns the entire string
qs.split("&") //split to get the individual parameters

Note: Spring Boot automatically resolves the HttpServletRequest object ( its the real holder of request object in Http Servlet environment)

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