Game of Thrones Style farewell email to coworkers

I left my job for another opportunity after working for 8.5 years. Since I had nothing left to do on my last day, I decided to get little creative and looked up online about how do write farewell email on Game of Thrones style. With little help from internet, I came up with the following email.

My lords and ladies,

It has been a great honor serving this most noble software development house. I fought for this house with all my heart for 8.5 years and we won some glorious battles together. Songs will be sung for the next thousand years about our great victories over White Walkers(Bugs and Issues).

It’s a bittersweet ending for me to part ways and go North of the Wall now(NEW_COMPANY is north from OLD_COMPANY).

Whatever I do in the future, I now take this pledge in the sights of Old Gods and the New, that I will forever cherish the time I spent here and I hope you Lords and Ladies do the same.

My Watch has ended but don’t forget to send me a raven from time to time on 203-XXX-XXXX. You can also find me wandering around Citadel at 

Winter is coming 😝 in 5 months. Just ended though (ITS MINNESOTA).


Ganesh Tiwari | A Crow Member

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