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Android: understanding R.Java

Understanding the R.Java class in Android: What is R.Java ??

The Eclipse ADT automatically generates a, which keeps track of all the application resources, in hello\gen as follows:

Android First Program eclipse- getting started

Android apps are written in Java, and use XML extensively. I shall assume that you have basic knowledge of Java programming and XML.
Step 0: Read - Read "Hello, world" tutorial at
Step 1: Create a Android Virtual Device (AVD) - AVDs are emulators that allow you to test your application without the physical device. You can create AVDs for different android platforms (e.g., Android 2.3 for phone, Android 3.2 for tablet) and configurations (e.g., screen sizes and orientations, having SD card and its capacity).

Installing Android SDK, ADT in eclipse

How to Install Android SDK, ADT
Step 0: Read the Documentations - 
Start from Android's mother site @

Android: Introduction to android platform - framework

Brief Introduction

Android is an Operating System for mobile devices developed by Google, which is built upon Linux kernel. Android competes with Sambian OS,