Installing Android SDK, ADT in eclipse

How to Install Android SDK, ADT
Step 0: Read the Documentations - 
Start from Android's mother site @
Step 1: Download - Download the Android SDK from Choose the ZIP version for your platform (e.g., "" (about 34M)).
Step 2: Unzip - Unzip the downloaded file into a directory of your choice. DO NOT unzip onto the location whose path is hard to locate. I suggest using "d:\myproject". Android SDK will be unzipped into directory "d:\myproject\android-sdk-windows". For ease of use, we shall shorten and rename this directory to "d:\myproject\android". Hereafter, I shall denote the android installed directory as $ANDROID_HOME.
Step 3: Setup PATH - Include the android's tools directory ($ANDROID_HOME\tools) to your PATH environment variable.
For Windows: Start "Control Panel" ⇒ "System" ⇒ (Vista/7) "Advanced system settings" ⇒ Switch to "Advanced" tab ⇒ "Environment variables" ⇒ Choose "System Variables" for all users (or "User Variables" for this login user only) ⇒ Select variable "PATH" ⇒ Choose "Edit" for modifying an existing variable ⇒ In variable "Value", APPEND your $ANDROID_HOME\tools directory (e.g., "d:\myproject\android\tools"), followed by a semi-colon ';'IN FRONTof all the existing path entries. DO NOT remove any existing entry; otherwise, some programs may not run.
Step 4: Install Eclipse ADT Plugin - Eclipse supports Android application development via a plugin called ADT (Android Development Tools).
To install Eclipse Android Development Tools (ADT): Launch Eclipse ⇒ "Help" ⇒ "Install New Software" ⇒ In "Work with" box, enter ⇒ Check "Development Tools" ⇒ "Next" ⇒ "Finish" ⇒ Restart Eclipse to use ADT plugin.
Step 5: Add Android Platform and Other Components - The Android SDK does not include the various Android platform versions (e.g., Andriod 2.3, Android 3.2) and google API. Run (double-click) Android's "SDK manager" from the Android installed directory (e.g., "d:\myproject\android") ⇒ "Accept All" ⇒ "Install".

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