Career suggestion for nepali computer engineers programmers student

Career Suggestions/guidelines to Computer Engineering BE, BCA, BTech, BSc-CS, BIT students 
  • Self Study
  • Internet is your library - Search, search and search more
  • Try to understand the concept of programming not language
  • Algorithms and Data Structures are everything
  • Do you know Design Patterns ?
  • Projects are portfolio for your first job interview
  • Wikipedia is your teacher
  • Stackoverflow is your friend
  • Open Source Applications are you Code Gurus
  • Online Discussion Forums are your Communities
  • Organize events, competitions centered around Software development
  • Learn to use Collaboration Tools
  • Be disciplined inside and about your profession
  • Build Skills that sell
  • Join/Follow communities of developers
  • Learn to respect community, get max from it
  • Find what is the BUZZ in tech
  • Learn about Project Management seriously
  • Build products that can solves existing software problems in our community
  • Know about Documentation
  • Learn about software testing / Quality Assurance
  • Do one project by yourself per computer related subject
  • Give others, Take from others
  • Share your project code in the internet
  • No one becomes professional without a hard work
  • Those who are doing good now did their best while studying
  • No one is born talented, its the hard effort that pays later

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